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Thousands Trapped in Cycle of Addiction – Briton’s Official Says


The country of Briton is in a chemical dependency health crisis. Tens of thousands of people otherwise able to work are “trapped” in a cycle of addiction as a result of the benefits system.

According to the Employment Minister, Chris Grayling, Briton’s “Incapacity Benefit” is, "far from being the safety net it should be.” He goes on to say that, “the benefits system has trapped thousands of people in a cycle of addiction and welfare dependency with no prospect of getting back to work.”

Of the more than 80,000 citizens receiving benefits, more than 21,000 are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. According to the Department for Work and Pensions, they have been receiving these benefits for over 10 years.

They have started to take steps to battle this entrapment. Welfare reforms are now reassessing those in the system to see if they are fit enough to fit work. With the recession and still weak economy looming, taking such steps could result in backlash, but Ministers promise help for those unable to find employment. They however intend to impose sanctions on those who refuse to get a job.


image: detail from "Addicted" by Ravi Rajcoomar