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People with Anxiety Disorders Have a Harder Time Quitting Smoking


The most common anxiety disorder is called generalized anxiety it creates anxious feels about almost anything and everything. The individual has a difficult time turning off the thoughts that create the anxiety. Some people get anxious just going to the grocery store while others are anxious thinking about an upcoming trip they have waited for their whole life. Often times a person who suffers from anxiety loses their ability to tell the difference between anxiety and excitement. They are in a constant mode of fight or flight. There are more triggers for generalized anxiety than one can even imagine.

Clinical Study

In one clinical study 1,504 people participated, 455 had had a panic attack in the past, 199 social anxiety disorder, and 99 generalized anxiety disorder Other research has shown that up to 25 percent of the more than 50 million smokers in the U.S. had at least one anxiety disorder in their lifetime.

“The nicotine lozenge and patch -- alone or in combination -- failed to help patients with an anxiety history to quit smoking. In the general population, the lozenge and patch -- especially when combined -- have been very effective in helping patients quit smoking. Bupropion (Zyban) alone, or in combination with the nicotine lozenge, also did not increase cessation rates among patients with a history of anxiety disorders,” Said Megan Piper.

People with anxiety disorders can quit smoking it is just much more difficult. Other types of treatments need to be looked at and tried. One should never give up the hope of quitting without that hope or determination quitting will not happen.