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New Film Company Addressing Addiction, Promoting Recovery

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The film industry has long been criticised for producing movies that glorify and seemingly promote drug and alcohol abuse, despite the widespread issue of addiction among several of the biggest names in Hollywood.

"We are harnessing the art of film to take on a problem that has destroyed the lives of everyone from everyday folks to stars like Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston," said Oscar-nominated director Jonathan Heap.

Heap and best-selling crime author Lowell Cauffiel have partnered in an effort to address the problem of drug and alcohol addiction. Their non-profit film company, Primary Purpose Productions, has top actors, writers, and studio crews utilizing the power of entertainment to inspire people to recover from these addictions.

"Study after study, including those done by the University of Southern California, have shown that nothing moves people to take action on their own health issues like a story well told," said Cauffiel. "Instead of the tedious, clinical films that health departments and educators use to scare people, we're making films that are compelling, entertaining, and even comical. We want our industry to be part of the solution instead of the problem."

The company's red carpet premiere, A Trilogy of Recovery, showed three short films that "accurately captured the spirit of recovering addicts," according to Hollywood Today's JJ Marise. Held at the Writer's Guild Theater in Beverly Hills, the event benefited the Midnight Mission, a highly respected recovery facility in Los Angeles.

The films have already been officially selected for various American film festivals. Primary Purpose Productions plans to send the thirty-minute shorts to educators, health officials, and more than 14,000 drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in the U.S.

Source: Hollywood Today