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When smartphone addiction takes over in the workplace


Seeing a co-worker hunched over with thumbs glued to her phone is nothing new.

Smartphones are rampant these days, and we use them for everything from driving directions to conference calls.

But should you put it away in the office? A Cisco Systems survey says that Generation Y-ers are addicted to their phones--often at the expense of their jobs or productivity.

The survey included 1,800 adults ages 18-30, and more than half--60 percent--said they check their phones "compulsively" during the day. In fact, two out of five people said they would be "anxious" if they couldn't check their phones frequently.

And what about companies that have policies that ban or restrict cell phone use during company time? An astonishing 71 percent said they ignored the rules.

However, it's not just work where this is a problem. The survey found that 75 percent of people check their phones in bed, 50 percent of them do so while having meals with friends or family and 33 percent are on their phones in the bathroom. Texting and driving? You bet. Twenty percent of the survey participants are on their phones while in the car.

The survey found that, overall, the most popular smartphone activity was checking Facebook accounts, with 41 percent saying they update their status daily.

Source: CNBC