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New Treatment for Heroin Addicts


This new treatment is for heroin addicts who would prefer to avoid other addictive medications and still overcome their addiction. According to the researchers responsible for a recent Norwegian study, a new treatment using naltrexone implants could lead to a significant reduction in heroin dependency.


The researchers have been using naltrexone, a substance that works by completely blocking the effect of heroin and other morphine substances. This reduces the likelihood of overdose, physical dependency and other drug craving.

How Naltrexone Works

“This blockage effect induces a feeling of calm and allows the patients to escape from their heroin addiction and stressful, drug-dependent lives. They are able to concentrate on getting a new start," explains Nikolaj.


Of the 56 participants they were all successful in beating their heroin addiction with the naltrexone implants. When they were asked to rate the medication on a scale of 0 to 100 the medication scored an 85!