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Jon Bon Jovi's daughter arrested after heroin overdose


The daughter of famous rock singer Jon Bon Jovi was found unresponsive by a dorm mate at her New York college this morning.

Apparently Stephanie Rose Bongiovi, 19, overdosed on heroin and is now facing criminal charges after being arrested. It appears she was in possession of heroin, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Stephanie is the oldest child of Bon Jovi and his wife Dorthea Hurley.

Another student, Ian Grant, was also arrested for possession of heroin. The charges against Bongiovi include seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, fourth-degree criminal possession of marijuana and criminally using drug paraphernalia--all of which are misdemeanors.

Both students were issued tickets and court dates have been set.

Police investigator Peter Cania said that Bongiovi is now recovering at a hospital, but he refused to name which one. Medical and addiction expert Dr. Damon Raskin commented on the incident:

"This incident is another stark reminder of the dangers of opiates, not just heroine but prescription narcotics as well. This epidemic encompasses all ages and all levels of society, but there is hope. Watching for the warning signs in loved ones such as changes in behavior, new sets of friends, and lack of achievement in school and social functioning are clear red flags that there could be a problem."

Fans are showing support for the singer and his family. Bon Jovi recently made headlines for contributing to the disaster relief efforts for victims of hurricane Sandy.

Source: Monsters and Critics
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