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Baby Boomers & Heroin Use - A Growing Problem


Statistics say that by the year 2020 the number of individuals over age 50 who are in need of rehab will be at least five times higher than it is today in 2010.

The use of heroin got its start with the baby booming population, as did many other illegal drugs. Scientists believe without hesitation that these individuals will continue to abuse heroin well into their golden years. This not only poses a problem for the senior citizen who has to check into rehab because the heroin use is effecting their blood pressure, blood thinning, cardiac medications and whatever other medications they are using to sustain their life a bit longer. It is also going to affect the health care system greatly. As well, know rehab is not covered by everyone’s insurance and the cost is of rehab can be outrageous.

Many of the baby booming heroin abusers are also abusing opiates for chronic pain or pain management. “Physical decline, loss of friends or loved ones, and decreasing independence can contribute to late-onset addiction -- but the startling phenomenon in older adult heroin use is the existence of the lifetime user.” Therefore, those who did not abuse heroin throughout their young and middle adulthood they have started now as senior citizens for numerous reasons as stated above.