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First Cell Phone Addiction Recovery Group

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The first recovery group for people addicted to their cell phones was recently founded at Morningside Recovery Center, a leading drug and alcohol recovery center in California. The group, created by Dr. Elizabeth Waterman, helps people recognize their over-reliance on mobile technology, understand the psychological roots of their addiction, and learn how to regain their autonomy.

Nomophobia - "No mobile phobia"

People who are addicted to their cell phones are said to be nomophobics. Nomophobia, first coined by British researchers in 2008, is the anxiety experienced when a person does not have access to mobile technology.

Nomophobics report being unable to turn their cell phones off, and they constantly worry about the battery dying. They obsessively check for new text messages, emails, and calls. Many of them will not go to the restroom without their phones.

Results from a study published in February of this year suggested that 66 percent of people fear losing their cell phones, with those between the ages of 18 and 24 being most dependent on mobile technology.

While cell phone addiction is obviously not as physically toxic to the body as an addiction to drugs or alcohol, “it can be just as toxic to one’s self-determination and relationships and may actually make people more vulnerable to other addictions,” says Dr. Keith Ablow of Fox News. “It seems possible, in fact, that mobile technology could be a ‘gateway drug’ that fuels the search for self-defeating, counterproductive anti-anxiety strategies—like using marijuana or alcohol to keep uncomfortable feelings at bay.”

Source: Fox News