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Vancouver Supreme Court Rules to Keep “Injection Site”


In 2003, among much controversy, Vancouver opened its first “safe injection site” on the city’s eastside. “InSite,” is the name of the first place in North America that drug addicts can go to inject themselves in a medically supervised facility. The organization also has treatment facilities right onsite, as well as clean injection equipment.

Since the facility opened, the incidence of overdose in the eastern Vancouver area has dropped by over a third and statistics show that crime has not increased in the area as some suggested would happen. Even so, the federal government passed legislation to close the facility.

The Canadian Supreme Court however ruled to keep the injection site open. "It is a strictly regulated health facility, and its personnel are guided by strict policies and procedures. It does not provide drugs to its clients, who must check in, sign a waiver, and are closely monitored during and after injection. Its clients are provided with healthcare information, counseling, and referrals to various service providers or an on-site, on-demand detox centre.” The Supreme Court decision may set a trend and proponents of this type of support are hoping more facilities like “InSite” open around the country.


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