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Aerobic Exercise May Help Reduce Cocaine Use


Lab Study

When lab rats were given the choice of a running wheel or cocaine, they choose the running wheel over the cocaine. Lab rats that were not given the running wheel “used” more of the self-administered cocaine.

The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Any type of physical exercise can be considered aerobic as the pulse increases and the little beads of sweat form on your body. The important thing that happens during aerobic exercise is the neurotransmitters in the brain begin communicating and releasing happy hormones that are stress relieving and calming.

Cocaine Use

When a person uses cocaine basically, the same thing happens the brain releases hormones that calm the person and make them feel happy or simply not care.

The Lab Study Results

"Our findings represent the first demonstration that exercise reduces binge-like patterns of cocaine intake.” This adds to a growing number of studies reporting that physical activity may have beneficial effects on maladaptive patterns of drug use. Said Mark A. Smith, PhD, of Davidson College.

Future Study Needed

Future clinical studies are still needed to determine how effective aerobic exercise would be as a treatment for binge cocaine use in humans. Dr. Smith and his team feel confident that further studies are worth the time and effort.