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Addiction Professionals Expect More Business as Kansas Casino Opens

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The state of Kansas is proudly announcing the opening of a new casino in the northeast portion of the state. This is while therapy professionals scramble to find support for potential gambling addicts.

In the cloud of a potential $220 million in extra revenue and 1000 new jobs for the Northeast area of the US state of Kansas, the planners of the new casino may have neglected to factor the cost of setting up services for the gambling addicts that are sure to come with the new casino.

Duane Olberding is one such professional who expects to see an increase. He is the executive director of Professional Treatment Services LLC, and he says that, "They're making a big splash with their opening.”

Senior pastor Joe Stiles says he knows where to get help for those with drug addiction problems, but was sketchy on if there was anything in the area to help those struggling with gambling addiction. The DCCCA does provide treatment for substance abuse, but it does not have anyone certified to handle gambling addicts.