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"Inside Rehab" says current addiction treatment is outdated and ineffective


A groundbreaking Columbia University report issued last year by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse stated that the majority of people who need addiction treatment never recover.

And in a new book called Inside Rehab, Anne M. Fletcher explains why.

Decades behind?

Fletcher, a science writer and author of Sober for Good, says that most addiction treatment facilities fail today because they are rooted in practices and methods that date back to the 1950's--not in current medical science or treatment modalities.

Fletcher even goes so far as to say that many addicts don't even need a typical rehab program.

“The truth is that most people recover (1) completely on their own, (2) by attending self-help groups, and/or (3) by seeing a counselor or therapist individually,” she wrote in her book.

30 days is not enough

Another one of Fletcher's assertions is that the typical 30-day inpatient treatment program is often not long enough for most addicts, and that people with serious substance abuse issues can sometimes need months or years of treatment interventions.

“The short-term fix mentality partially explains why so many people go back to their old habits,” she wrote.

Moreover, Fletcher says that publicly funded clinics--which often come at a lower cost than private centers--often have more qualified counselors and better outcomes than expensive centers where celebrities shack up.

Additionally, she recommends that patients see a non-biased therapist--someone who is not affiliated with a treatment center-- who can help you come up with a plan that suits your needs.

"It should be more than movies, lectures or three-hour classes three times a week,” Fletcher told the New York Times. “You should be treated by a licensed addiction counselor who will see you one-on-one. Treatment should be individualized. One size does not fit all.”

Source: New York Times