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Study Links Girls that are Bullied to Substance use as a Way to Combat Depression


Studies proof that girls and boys who are victims of bullying whether in the schoolyard, on the internet or emails have a higher risk of depression. Sadly, this study is true in so many ways not long ago, young girl committed suicide as a result of internet bullying, she was not the first, and she will not be the last.

Jeremy Luk’s Research

Jeremy Luk’s study “is the first to identify depression as a possible link to the relation between victimization and substance use among adolescents. The findings are generalizable because they are based on data from a nationally representative sample of 1,495 tenth graders.”

Substance Use Survey

A survey was given to a group of bullied students mostly adolescent girls and it contained five questions about substance use. The results were enough to prove that adolescent girls were not only developing depression but also smoking cigarettes and marijuana and abusing alcohol.


Bullying has serious consequences and parents need to be aware of any sudden changes in their teenager’s behavior. Many school systems have or are in the process of setting up anti-bullying programs as well as help for the victims of bullying. There was a time when bullying was a simple push on the playground or a nasty but short-lived rumor passed around the school. Those days are gone bullying is now ruining and or taking the lives of these innocent kids. It is time for bullying to end once and for all!