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Recent Study Discovers Drug Abusers Have Trouble Recognizing Emotions


University of Granada scientists have analyzed the relationship between men and women who are drug abusers and their ability to recognize the basic emotions (happiness, surprise.) What the scientists have discovered is that drug abusers in most cases where able to recognize most of the basic emotions however, they had extreme difficult in recognizing negative emotions. The scientists evaluate their facial expressions when analyzing their emotions of fear, sadness, wrath, and disgust.

The Study

The study involved one hundred and twenty three drug abusers and sixty-seven non drug abusers with the same background demographical, age, schooling, and socially.

The Study Results

Out of one hundred and twenty three drugs, abusers in the study seventy percent of them were found to have some “type of neuropsychological deterioration, regardless the type of substance consumed. Deterioration was registered in major degree in the working memory, and in fluency, flexibility, planning, multitask ability and interference.” This is the first known study that evaluated and analyzed the effects drugs have on emotions.