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Sober Living

Is sobriety contingent upon spirituality?


An increased association with spirituality is linked to better sobriety rates among teens who receive substance abuse treatment, reports a new study.

New Restaurant in Kabul Helps Addicts Start Over

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Taj Begum, which translates to "Woman's Crown," is a new restaurant in Kabul giving Afghan drug addicts the opportunity to learn new skills and improve their lives.

Mother Hands out Home Drug Test Kits so Parents can be Certain that their Kids are Drug Free

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With the possibility that young people may be tempted to smoke marijuana during 4/20, a concerned mother is handing out home drug test kits to parents around the country to provide them with a means t

Former Addict Helps Others through Drug Court Service

Cfree Gavel.png

In 2004, Kevin Groves’ life changed forever. As a meth addict facing jail time he was presented with an option to enter the Forensic Diversion Program.

Baseball MVP Suffers Relapse


Anyone who has been addicted knows that relapses can happen when you let your guard down. This is especially true for those in the spotlight like baseball star Josh Hamilton.

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