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How to Assess Nicotine Dependence


Like any other addiction, nicotine dependence is characterized by the need to use tobacco products even though they may be causing you harm.

Smoking during pregnancy can lead to behavior problems in offspring


Maternal smoking has been linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), miscarriages and birth defects, just to name a few serious complications.

Children of divorce more likely to start smoking


A study from the University of Toronto suggests that both men and women from divorced families are more likely to become smokers than their peers.

Smoking addiction due to brain wiring, study says


A recent study found that smoking addiction may start with bad brain wiring.

Start treating tobacco use as an addiction, not a lifestyle choice


All smokers who see their doctors probably get a similar speech.

It's the one about how smoking is detrimental to health, how it can cause heart disease and how it can kill you.

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