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Can over-the-counter painkillers help with marijuana memory problems?


While marijuana is often used to treat a variety of medical conditions, the cognitive side effects can pose challenges for users.

Is marijuana really a gateway drug?


While public approval of marijuana use continues to grow, more and more teenagers are dabbling in the drug - but does experimentation with pot lead to the use of more "hard" drugs?

Pot smokers lack chemical linked to motivation


Marijuana users are often seen as being lazy and unmotivated, but new research suggests that science may explain why this is more of a fact than a funny stereotype.

Motivational Interviewing Helps Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans Decrease Marijuana Use and Stay in Therapy

interviewing vets.jpg

A new study, published online in the journal General Hospital Psychiatry has provided evidence of the benefits of using motivational interviewing to assist troubled war veterans from Iraq and

80 Percent Rise in Frequent Marijuana Smoking among Teens has Experts Concerned


A new survey released by The Partnership at suggests that smoking pot is becoming more prevalent among teenagers in the US.

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