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Drug Addiction

Quitting drugs cold turkey could lead to mental decline


A new animal study from Georgetown University Medical Center suggests the "cold turkey" approach to drug withdrawal may not be the healthiest method for long-term mental health.

More babies being born addicted to prescription drugs


At East Tennessee Children's Hospital in Knoxville, nurses and doctors are scrambling to deal with a problem that is quickly becoming an epidemic: babies who are born addicted to prescription drugs.

Sharon Osbourne talks about Ozzy's addiction problems

Sharon_Osbourne (1).jpg

Addiction seems to be an ongoing struggle in the famous Osbourne family.

Illicit drug use in teens on the rise, marijuana most popular


A study from the National Institute on Drug Abuse showed that illicit drug use is on the rise among teens, mostly due to increasing marijuana use.

New John Keats Biography Claims Poet was Addicted to Opium

john keats addicted to opium.jpg

A new biography of the 19th-century English Romantic poet John Keats reveals that he may have been addicted to opium.

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