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Psychoanalytic Theories of Addiction

Brief Psychodynamic Therapy

Chapter 7 Brief Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy focuses on unconscious processes as they are manifested in the client's present behavior.

Brief Psychodynamic Therapy

Developmental Level

Psychodynamic theory emphasizes that the client's level of functioning should determine the nature of any intervention.

Drug Use as a Protective System

The following discussion is restricted to the psychodynamic study of "compulsive drug use," the latter being defined as any form of substance abuse where there is substantial subjective psychologic

A Life-Theme Theory of Chronic Drug Abuse

A complete account of the causes of drug use and abuse must consider at least three groups of factors: physiological, social, and psychological.

Theory of Drug Use

By Harvey Milkman, Ph.D. William Frosch, M.D.

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