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Internet and Gaming

Is Your Child Addicted to Video Games? Learn How to Set Limits


If your child is playing video games instead of finishing schoolwork or avoiding social situations, he or she may be addicted to video gaming.

Are You an Internet Addict?


While the Internet may be an asset to modern life and time spent online can be productive, overuse can interfere with daily life, work and relationships. It is important to learn abou

The Effects of Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction.JPG

European researchers from Swansea and Milan Universities have found that young people who use the Internet for long periods of time can suffer from withdrawal symptoms similar to substance abu

Am I Addicted to Facebook?


It is easy to get caught-up in Facebook. Checking in with friends, looking at pictures, watching videos

  • before you realize it hours have gone by.

  • Facebook Addiction Symptoms


    Facebook is the second most popular website in the world, trailing only Google. Nowadays it is odd when you find someone who does not have a Facebook profile.

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