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Alcohol Addiction

How Do People Become Addicted to Alcohol?


Drinking is something that a number of people enjoy, though using the substance to cope or avoid bad feelings can be a sign of addiction.

Three Steps to Planning an Alcohol Intervention


It can be difficult to confront a loved one struggling with alcoholism, especially those in denial or unwilling to endure treatment.

An Alcohol Addict as a Friend


Do you have a friend that drinks four or more alcoholic drinks per day? Does your friend believe that he doesn’t have any problems with alcohol? If so, your friend is not alone.

Women seek help for alcoholism five years earlier than men


Women with alcohol abuse problems tend to seek out help much earlier than men, a new study reveals.

Effects of Alcoholism on the Body


Many studies say alcohol can be beneficial to the body when consumed moderately. But there are no studies that say heavy, daily alcohol intake can do anything but harm the body.

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