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Addiction Feature Articles

Freebasing Cocaine The most common way to ingest cocaine is by snorting it through your nose. But that is just one delivery system for the highly addictive and damaging drug. You could also smoke it, which is called "fr... July 5, 2011
Diseases Caused by Alcoholism When you talk about diseases that alcoholism can cause, most people focus on liver disease. Indeed, alcohol can harm and eventually destroy the liver if a person drinks enough. But liver problems are... July 4, 2011
PTSD and Alcoholism Virtually every study conducted on the subject has found a definite link between Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and alcoholism. said one such study found that 52% of men and 28% of wo... June 29, 2011
Alcoholism and Marriage You would think alcoholism and divorce would be synonymous, and that alcoholism and marriage would not mix. Well, that would be incorrect. 19% of alcoholics are married. A website called AlcoholismAnd... June 28, 2011
Cocaine Medical Uses We all know cocaine as a highly addictive drug that is illegal in most places in the world. But cocaine does have legitimate medical uses. Cocaine was used for decades as a topical anesthetic in eye a... June 27, 2011
Natural Cures for Alcoholism When most people want treatment for alcoholism, they search out the nearest Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. But there are other ways to treat alcoholism. One such alternative is all natural. The website... June 22, 2011
Alcoholism and Heart Disease It has been well-documented in study after study over the years that drinking alcohol can contribute to heart disease. This happens in various ways. According to, too much alcohol can r... June 21, 2011
Overcoming Sex Addiction Since celebrities like Tiger Woods have admitted to sex addiction, treatment for the problem has skyrocketed. The mental health community is still arguing whether sex addiction is even a real ailment.... June 16, 2011
Facebook Addiction Symptoms Facebook is the second most popular website in the world, trailing only Google. Nowadays it is odd when you find someone who does not have a Facebook profile. It is easy to spend entirely too much tim... June 14, 2011
Cocaine Heart Attack It is long known that cocaine can trigger sudden heart attacks. Researchers at the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Research Center at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts thing they have figured out why.... June 8, 2011