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Addiction Feature Articles

Ingredients in Cocaine The ingredients in powdered cocaine follow a production method that has been used since the early 1900s. First the leaves of the coca plant are dried for half a day. Next, the coca farmers chop the... July 28, 2011
5 Stages of Change The five stages of change are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. They are used to examine and treat a variety of behavioral problems, including addiction. Here is... July 26, 2011
Am I Addicted to Facebook? It is easy to get caught-up in Facebook. Checking in with friends, looking at pictures, watching videos before you realize it hours have gone by. But how can you tell when you are on it too much, if y... July 25, 2011
Cocaine Vs Crack Cocaine and crack have many similarities – both are illegal drugs, both are forms of cocaine, and both produce euphoric, energetic highs. Crack use, however, carries much more severe penalties in cour... July 25, 2011
Hydrocodone vs Vicodin What are the differences and similarities between hydrocodone and Vicodin? Both are pain-relieving semi-synthetic narcotic drugs that are usually taken in tablet or syrup form. They can also be used... July 25, 2011
Definition of a Sex Addict Despite the increase in publicity of sex addiction and more people seeking treatment for it, the mental health community is split on whether it is an actual addiction. While they argue, others are com... July 20, 2011
Alcoholism and Family We all know how alcoholism can ravage your body, but it can also destroy your family. According to a report from, 25% of American children are exposed to alcoholism by a family member. Th... July 18, 2011
Methadone Effects Methadone is a drug given to people who are trying to quit an addiction to opiates such as heroin. But what exactly are methadone's effects? Methadone is also an opiate, and it mimics the effects of h... July 14, 2011
Hypnosis for Drug Addiction Many drug addicts spend the better part of their lives looking for treatment that will help them kick their habit. They may also spend tens of thousands of dollars on therapy, medications and other re... July 12, 2011
Prozac Addiction Prozac is the grandfather of psychotropic drugs, used to treat depression and other mental and mood disorders brought on by a chemical imbalance. Prozac is designed to be taken every day. Many people... July 11, 2011