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Addiction Feature Articles

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Five Tips on How to Avoid Relapse Recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is a lifelong process. After you’ve made the decision to quit and taken the steps necessary to no longer feed your addiction, abstaining from using can present... September 19, 2012
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How Drug Addiction Affects Adolescents Exposure to illegal substances is a common experience among adolescents, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Although most teenagers stick to experimentation and recreational drug use,... September 12, 2012
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Managing the Symptoms of Caffeine Withdrawal We don't generally think too much about caffeine withdrawal unless we suddenly find ourselves cutting back or doing without our usual cup of coffee or cola. However, abruptly stopping caffeine can pr... September 3, 2012
Hypnosis for Treating Addiction Hypnosis is one of the more well known and popular alternative therapies for treating addiction, and hypnosis therapy offers a powerful natural tool to assist individuals wanting to overcome their add... September 2, 2012
Passion vs. Addiction Although some may believe that there is little distinction between passion and addiction, the two are in fact very different. While we may jokingly describe being "addicted" to something (or even some... August 29, 2012
Smoking Addiction Facts Although smoking cigarettes is legal for adults, it is actually one of the most addictive habits one can take up. Once the body becomes physiologically dependent on the nicotine in cigarettes and ps... August 21, 2012
What is Motivational Interviewing? Motivational interviewing is a method of psychological treatment founded by William R. Miller, Ph. D. It focuses on behavioral change, and is often used to treat substance abuse. The four basic tenet... August 5, 2011
Classification of Cocaine The federal government has classified cocaine as a Schedule 2 drug. That means it has high degree of abuse, a high risk for dependency and addiction, but has medical uses. Other Schedule 2 drugs are o... August 2, 2011
Recovery From Alcoholism If you suspect you may be an alcoholic - or know that you are - there are several ways you can get help and begin your recovery. Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most popular ways to begin and maint... August 2, 2011
Effects of Alcoholism on the Body Many studies say alcohol can be beneficial to the body when consumed moderately. But there are no studies that say heavy, daily alcohol intake can do anything but harm the body. According to Learn-Ab... July 28, 2011