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Nicotine Lozenge Addiction


Nicotine lozenges are designed to help people quit their addiction to cigarettes. However, some people can find themselves addicted to the lozenges.

The lozenges obviously contain nicotine, and are supposed to be used on a temporary basis to curb cravings. The instructions on the box say not to use them for more than 12 weeks.

However, sometimes they do too good a job, and people get addicted to taking them, simply replacing one nicotine delivery system for another.

There are various side effects of nicotine lozenge addiction. According to, they include:

-- Dental issues. The sugar and nicotine in the lozenge can effect tooth enamel and cause cavities and tooth loss.
-- Users report stomach issues with prolonged use of nicotine lozenges.
-- Some people say their nicotine intake actually went up because they were able to use lozenges in situations where they couldn't smoke, like at work.
-- Not a health problem, but there could be money issues. A box of 72 lozenges can run you up to $40 -- much more expensive than cigarettes.

It appears the key to not getting addicted is to stop taking the lozenges after three months.