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Addictive Personality Disorder Symptoms


People who have addictive personality disorder are more susceptible to developing an addiction to drugs and alcohol as well as gambling, pornography, sex, food, exercise, video games, and anything else to which someone can become addicted.

This disorder often causes people to move from one addiction to another, or to be addicted to several things at one time, in a desperate, dedicated search for satisfaction.

Addictive personality traits

Traits of an addictive personality include impulsiveness and impatience. Someone with this type of personality may be very sensitive to stress and get frustrated easily, and he or she is likely to experience mood swings. Coping is often very difficult for someone with an addictive personality.

A person with addictive personality disorder may be described as “jittery” or “on-edge,” and he or she may also have a similar psychological disorder, such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Low self-esteem and antisocial behavior are other common characteristics.

More susceptible to addictions

These personality traits can make the person more susceptible to addiction as he or she finds stressful or depressing situations difficult to deal with and searches for a way to cope with them.

The person’s lack of impulse control can prevent him or her from thinking logically about his or her actions. The person may do things without considering the consequences, like trying an illicit drug for the first time.

These behaviors may offer a sense of peace and, because someone with addictive personality disorder tends to have an all-or-nothing mentality, it can be extremely hard to quit once addiction sets in.