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Hypnosis for Drug Addiction


Many drug addicts spend the better part of their lives looking for treatment that will help them kick their habit. They may also spend tens of thousands of dollars on therapy, medications and other related costs. Here's one relatively inexpensive, non-invasive thing most people don't try -- hypnosis.

On the surface it seems ridiculous -- how can hypnosis end a severe physical dependence on a drug? Well, there is a mental component to drug addiction as well.

The website writes:

Drug addiction in many cases is as dangerous a mental a disease as it is a physical one. Hypnotherapy addresses the mental dependency. Some patients find themselves less physically dependent after on therapy session. In rare cases a patient is able to quit “cold turkey” after just one therapy session. Although many of us remain skeptical about hypnotherapy, an increasing number of people find hypnotherapy to be the best option when all others have failed.

Most experts agree hypnosis is unlikely to cure a person of their drug addiction, but it could help with their mood and attitude. Many people find hypnosis to be relaxing, so it could help a high-strung addict relax for a while, which is never a bad thing.

The site concludes:

When we take in to account the damage that drug addiction has already done, fighting addiction through hypnotherapy doesn’t seem as far fetched. If Hypnotherapy provides any relief whatsoever to drug addicts who try it, then it's worth it.