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How to Avoid a Diet Pill Addiction


If you plan to lose weight with a diet pill, but don’t want to risk addiction, there are a number of ways to use the dieting aid safely. Here are some tips to get the most out of diet pills without getting hooked.

Be Practical

If you’re taking diet pills, you should be able to acknowledge that one day you will have to stop using them. Nutrition, supplements and exercise should be considered in order to wean yourself off of diet pills without regaining weight.

Diet pills should not be considered a lifelong plan to keep weight off, so planning a future without them is a good step in removing the potential of addiction.

Follow Instructions

It is unlikely that you will lose more weight by abusing weight loss pills, so it’s important that you read the instructions and follow them carefully. Mistreating dieting pills can ruin vital organs and take a toll on emotions.

Following instructions on pill containers can remove the risk of dangerous side effects and addiction.

Recognize a Dieting “High”

If you feel addicted to the high that results from taking dieting pills, you should immediately taper off the pills or stop taking them altogether. Those who use weight loss pills can also feel an enhanced energy brought on by the pills, which can make quitting them more difficult.


Diet pills can be one of the most dangerous and unhealthy ways to lose weight. Some of the consequences include depression, high blood pressure, vomiting, menstrual irregularities, glaucoma, cardiac arrest and strokes.

Less threatening side effects include headaches, dizziness, flatulence and irritability.


Despite your best efforts, addiction is sometimes inevitable. Diet pills are often compared to cocaine and heroin because of their highly addictive qualities, and can take serious medical treatment to overcome. Fortunately, there are a number of addiction treatment and counseling centers to aid in recovery.

Source: Drug Addiction Treatment