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Death from Alcoholism


Alcoholism has three stages. The first is when the alcoholic comes to rely on alcohol to get them through the day.

In stage two, the alcoholic needs more and more alcohol and loses control over his or her drinking.

Then comes end-stage alcoholism, which is the final stage before death.

End-Stage writes:

Without drastic intervention, most end-stage alcoholics are doomed to die a painful death, and quite frequently a lonely one as well, as their obsession with alcohol is prone to drive away those closest to them.

In end-stage alcoholism, the body begins to break down. The alcoholic will suffer from malnutrition because the body will not be able to properly digest food.

This leaves the liver vulnerable, as it will prevent the liver from regenerating itself from the damage the alcohol caused.

Liver failure can lead to serious problems for other major organs including the heart and brain.

Many end-stage alcoholics end up dying from some kind of accident, such as falling, drowning or car crashes, in part because drunken people are clumsy and are prone to making fatal mistakes.

Recovery is still possible while in end-stage, but help must be administered virtually immediately.