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Facebook Addiction Symptoms


Facebook is the second most popular website in the world, trailing only Google. Nowadays it is odd when you find someone who does not have a Facebook profile. It is easy to spend entirely too much time on the site, sharing your thoughts with the world and looking in on what your friends are doing.

"Facebook addiction" is a growing problem. According to a post on, here are some of the symptoms for which to look out that could tell you if you are addicted to Facebook.

-- You check your profile at least three times a day. You have to check first thing in the morning, whenever you have free time, and of course, right before going to bed at night.

-- You update your status at least three times a day and are constantly posting photos.

-- You are obsessed with adding as many friends as possible.

-- You put off important work or stop spending time with real people to surf your friends on Facebook.

-- If you have a smartphone and visit Facebook on it at least once a day, you may have a problem.

-- "Relationship status" is very important to you, leading to fights with your significant other over when to make it official in Facebook.

A CNN report said if you spend more than an hour on Facebook --"Probably no one needs more than 30 minutes," one therapist said -- and if you try to go a day without visiting Facebook and you just can't do it, then you might have a serious addiction.