By Joanne Clements, Splash News

Celebrity Big Brother star Heidi Fleiss was taking a concoction of crystal meth, Valium and Xanax before she kicked her drug habit.

The former Hollywood Madam would sniff the 'white trash' powder, then use the sedatives to 'take the edge off it'.

Fleiss, 44, said: 'When I was a Madam and running my illegal business, drugs were just kind of like party favours.

'It wasn't a habit yet, but once I got arrested I was put on Federal drug testing.

"After the penitentiary I had low self-esteem or. I don't know what. Something made me start to do drugs again.'

Fleiss revealed the extent of her dangerous addiction during a stint on Celebrity Rehab - a US reality show which helps stars get clean.

During the programme - which was filmed last year and began airing in the United States this week - the former prostitution ring leader opened up about her drug problem.

Sitting in a circle with her fellow patients, she said: 'I've just become very lonely and I do what I want.

'I have a drug problem but I can't be lonely any more.'

She told show host Dr Drew Pinsky she was secretly desperate for a boyfriend. 'I would love to meet a guy, I would love a man in my life.'

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