Head Injury

If you have suffered a head injury, you may be left permanently affected in different ways depending on which area of the brain was injured.

 Possible Effects

Memory and learning

.  Changes in personality and behaviour

.  Diffculty in understanding spoken language

.  Diffculty with co-ordination, balance and walking

.  You may have diffculty keeping your temper

.  You may become confused at times


Alcohol is a powerful depressant drug and affects the brain almost immediately when it has been taken.

It could make any of the ways you have been affected by your head injury much worse and cause problems such as:

.  Being misunderstood

.  Collapsing and loss of consciousness

.  Poor decision making which could result in getting into trouble

.  Cause any existing symptoms to become much worse, e.g. mood swings, hallucinations, etc.

Prescribed Medication

If you have a head injury, you may be taking medication to help the symptoms. 

If mixed with alcohol, serious problems may arise:

.  Confusion

.  High risk of accidents.

If you take medication for epilepsy, the chances of fitting would be increased

.  You may also forget to take your medication

.  Risks in a deterioration of your mental health.


It is important to maintain good contact with your G.P. or other medical care person.

Your local Council on Alcohol will offer free confdential counselling, information and advice - you can fnd their number in the local phone book or contact Alcohol Focus Scotland who will put you in touch with your local branch.

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