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A Brief Guide To Social Networking Addiction

Social Networking Addiction is a mental illness centered around a dependency of online 'FRIENDS' or
online interaction on social networks.

Social Networking Addicts are unable to control their tendency to be logged in and participating on social networking websites.

What are some characteristics of Social Networking Addiction?

Some of the most common characteristics of Social Networking Addiction are:

* A feeling that being online is the only way to be noticed by the world at large. The longing for
another post, update, or chat session (otherwise known as 'SNEAKING') before they sleep. A strong
anticipation to being logged onto their social network of choice and seeing what everyone in their
network is doing.

* Episodes of logging onto their social network randomly while in the middle of something completely

* Attempts to control their addiction by changing social networks. For example jumping from Myspace
to Facebook.

* SNEAKING for long periods of time.

* Deleting wall posts so that others don't notice their excessive amount of posts or updates.

* Binge SNEAKING and sleepless nights due to SNEAKING. Drowsiness the next day from long
nights of SNEAKING.

What is S.N.A?

Social Networking Anonymous (S.N.A) is an online community of men, women, boys, and girls who help each other control their social networking addiction. They offer support to everyone and anyone who is ready to face their Social Networking Addiction and SNEAKING habits.

They all have a unique understanding of each other because people on the site are all social networking a addicts who join for moral support of a Social Networking Addict. 

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