There are many reasons that people think addiction is a disease; a lot of really actually good reasons that we think addiction is a disease.

Modern technology has given us the opportunity to look inside the brain and see that when people involve themselves with certain substances and certain behaviors, certain parts of their brain light up and are to central to not only the formation, but the continuation of the behavior.

The medical community has, in my estimation, an investment in keeping it a disease, because it keeps it in the paradigm that they were educated in and it keeps the insurance companies in the position of having a legitimate obligation of to reimburse for a formal biological disease.

From the outside, it may look very much like a disease in the sense that it makes no rational sense; it's not logical. These addictions are not logical.

It's confusing, and it's easy to assign a label called disease on these mysterious phenomena.

The twelve-step community, the twelve-step program, has integrated the disease model, and it is sometimes easier to say to myself "Well, I have a disease, and therefore I'm not at fault", rather than blame myself, moralize myself, or shame myself.

It's a way of removing the guilt, removing the shame, and actually being given the opportunity to reach out for assistance in whatever shape or form it takes.