Frasier star Kelsey Grammer has revealed how he battled for his life after drug addiction nearly killed him.

The star said he has an "addictive personality" and the murder of his sister and suicide of his father pushed him over the edge.

Speaking out in a new interview, the actor said: "I'm an addictive personality.

"I've been through my share of tough times.

"I'm a very different guy now."

"I was addicted to danger and dangerous girls, and it took me to things that were very destructive for me. 
"I liked the addictions. I'm not going to lie about it. But I got in too deep. I probably would've died if I hadn't stopped."

In 1996, the 52-year-old actor spent time checked into the Betty Ford Clinic, and has been sober ever since.

He added: "I'm attracted to threshold experiences - to chaos, insanity, mayhem.

"I was also trying to reconcile how I was actually living my life with how I thought my life should be lived - the traditional idea of a normal existence with a wife, a family."

One reason for his self-destructive behavior, he says, was the tragic deaths of his father, who was shot to death when Grammer was 12 years old, and his sister, Karen, who was abducted and killed, while the future TV star was studying acting in New York.

"It was very hard," he says. "I was disconsolate. I tried to understand why people I loved died. Why did they have to suffer? There is no uplifting answer.

"Recently I got news that the (person) who did this to Karen is now eligible for parole. There is a hearing sometime later this year and I will attend.

"I am angry about his. I never had the opportunity to speak for my sister before. I will now."

Grammer claimed his sister's murder led him to seek solace in drugs.

He said: "It was probably the catalyst that got me into a really big problem for at least the next 15 years."

Grammer said he experimented with Ecstasy, Valium and cocaine as well as hitting the bottle.

He was arrested twice and served 90 days house arrest and three years on probation.

But, Grammer said his personal life started to turn around when he met his current wife, Camille Donatacci, in 1996.

He added: "It was love at first sight.

"Corny as it sounds, I think Camille saw in me a great guy who needed love. It takes a lot of courage to love. Isn't that why we're here - to love, regardless of the cost? She decided to give me love.

He now considers himself "a very lucky man. Somehow, love just came out of the world toward me, and with it, a sense of fulfillment and joy."

In 2004, his wife was treated for a painful gastrointestinal disorder which nearly killed her.

He said: "She nearly died. She picked up something while in Italy and was hospitalized for weeks. Camille was given last rites. I quit working for two years because she was so sick. But she is much better now. Camille is everything to me."

Grammer's new show Back to You premieres in the US on September 19.