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Wayne Dyer on recovery from addiction

From Manifesting Wayne Dyer, By Mary Grace McCord

Wayne Dyer candidly admits to battling his own demons.

While not physically addicted to alcohol or other drugs, he says their "recreational presence" compromised his quality of life for many years.

He has now been alcohol- and drug-free for 20 years.

Your Erroneous Zones, the first of Wayne Dyer's 17 self-help books, was a 1970s best seller on how to recognize and dismiss preconceived or ill-conceived notions that hold us back.

And his newest work, due out this fall, is There's A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem. Dyer granted this transcontinental telephone interview with Aquarius:

Q:: What constitutes rehabilitation from any Addiction?

WD: Choosing to consciously live your life based on the notion that there are no justified resentments. Addictions often result from resentments held inside and owned. 'By God, I am entitled to this pain. It is mine.'

But what you think about expands. If you dwell on resentments that you consider justified, they grow like cancer. Substance abuse becomes a predictable escape.

Q:: Your own father was an alcoholic who deserted a family of three small children...

wyne dyer

WD: ...and he was also my greatest teacher. Growing up in Detroit orphanages I was immersed in opportunities to learn self-sufficiency at an early age.

Of course, so were all the other children around me. It's just that I was already aware, by age 10, that whatever happened to me, my own destiny was right in my very own little hands and in nobody else's.

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That's a liberating realization at any age.

Being resourceful built my confidence and not only that, when I put on my little "Oliver" act I was so darn cute that doors opened constantly (laughs).

Seriously, I can tell you that I cultivated a deep inner knowing, early on; a calm faith that God was with me, and everything would be okay.

Now the deep healing would come later, from a grown-up sense of release. One day I decided there would be no more justified resentment.

The day I stood at my father's grave and meant it when I said, "I send you love; I know you did the best you could," at that instant I became free of the pointless drama of asking "what if" and of feeling victimized by something I could've never controlled anyway.

Much of what happens to us, we simply cannot control. But we can always control our emotional response, and that's controlling a lot.

Some people do not commit to the energy required to "pull your own strings" and "manifest your destiny," but they can learn how to, at any time. We all can.

Q:: You talk a lot about bringing higher energy to problems. Why does that work?

WD: Okay, here's a preview to There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem: Our higher energy comes through that innate trust that all is well, that things are precisely as they should be, in a cosmic sense, and that people do have good intentions.

Higher energy is faster, lighter, sweeter. It will overpower and nullify the lower, slower, darker energies such as resentment, lack, fear. 'Perfect love casteth out all fear. Fear knocked, love answered and none was there.'

Q:: And how to access these higher energies?

WD: Meditation. Get quiet, peaceful, slow down external life to speed up inner energy and make conscious contact with Spirit. When we are not at peace, we send God out of our lives. It's all in our power of mind. We are always only one single thought away from paradise or prison - just ask Nelson Mandela.

Meditations for manifesting peace all include spoken or silent mantras with a repetitious 'ah' sound. When you have brought peace into your soundings, ask clearly for what you want.

What a beautiful way to still the mind. You know that the mind is like a pond. There is dust stirring on the surface, but beneath the surface is deep peace. A knowing.

Pascal said that all of man's troubles come from the inability to sit quietly and nurture the soul.

Q:: Spoken by someone with eight kids. Have you taught them to sit quietly too?

WD: Let me tell you that they are my greatest teachers. They will stretch you and push all your buttons, I think it must be their job to take you out of your peace. They're the answer to the question, "Have you really mastered yourself? Are you walking your talk?"

Higher energy means taking total responsibility, and blaming no one. This even relates to how we conquer or succumb to disease. Send love to cancer, to joint pain. Experience peace, joy and bliss by keeping a conscious connection to God and to love.

Holistic health, mind / body / spirit, is nothing short of Christ energy. Dis-ease is just an energy that's incompatible with the chi, the life energy, that we're created with. When we keep our attentions and intentions on health, we live by healthy

The highest energy, the highest path, is surrender. To really hear the still, small inner voice, the Bible says we must die to ourselves every day. In modern parlance, that simply means "Let go, my ego!"