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Addiction Recovery

How to Avoid a Diet Pill Addiction If you plan to lose weight with a diet pill, but don’t want to risk addiction, there are a number of ways to use the dieting aid safely. Here are some tips to get the most out of diet pills without ge... January 26, 2014
How to Manage Triggers During Addiction Recovery Completing treatment for an addiction is an exceptional accomplishment, but the real work starts when you make a commitment to remain sober. Cravings and the desire to numb out make the process diffic... January 17, 2014
Steps to Recovering From Caffeine Addiction The superfood Americans know and love as coffee, though filled with disease-fighting antioxidants and the ability to boost productivity, can become highly addictive. In excess, caffeine consumption ca... November 15, 2013
Overcoming the 'Pink Cloud' During Addiction Rec... Casting off the restarts of addiction is refreshing. Indeed, deciding to overcome addiction is an achievement that should be celebrated. However, in some cases, the newly sober person can become so ec... November 5, 2013
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Costs of Addiction Treatment: How Do You Recover From Drug... This article was written by Lisa Frederiksen. It was republished on with permission. Costs of addiction treatment can put many rehab programs beyond the reach of people desperate to... January 17, 2013
Helping an addict navigate the holidays The holidays are often a joyous time, but for an addict, they can be stressful. Situations abound where there is alcohol, stressors come more into focus and money is often a concern around this time... December 18, 2012
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Curing an Addiction with Emotional Freedom Techniques If you’ve ever seen someone practicing Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFTs), you may have thought this person was acting rather oddly. The techniques are not for the easily embarrassed, but they do see... December 13, 2012
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Letting Go of a Past Addiction Once you’ve managed to break free from an addiction, another obstacle awaits you: letting go of the bad memories associated with the addict you used to be. Focusing on what you lost and who you hurt c... December 3, 2012
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Children of Drug & Alcohol Addicted Parents According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, having a parent who is addicted to drugs or alcohol can lead to lifelong problems if the child or teen doesn’t receive help and support. About 25 per... November 27, 2012
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How to Help Someone Get Through Withdrawal Helping a loved one get through withdrawal is a great way to show your support, but it can be an extremely trying time for both of you. Depending on the addict’s drug of choice, the withdrawal process... October 19, 2012

Addiction Recovery News

Is sobriety contingent upon spirituality? An increased association with spirituality is linked to better sobriety rates among teens who receive substance abuse treatment, reports a new study. Researchers from the University of Akron, Case Wes... November 14, 2013
Why companies may be misinterpreting Facebook posts about... When hiring for new jobs, more and more employers are turning to social media in order to weed out undesirable candidates. HR managers and hiring experts are quick to warn people that the things they... July 6, 2013
Study Links Girls that are Bullied to Substance use as a W... Studies proof that girls and boys who are victims of bullying whether in the schoolyard, on the internet or emails have a higher risk of depression. Sadly, this study is true in so many ways not long... May 4, 2013
Cory Monteith of "Glee" enters rehab for unspeci... "Glee" star Cory Monteith has checked into an addiction rehabilitation facility, according to a statement released by his publicist on Monday. The singer/actor who stars as Finn on the Fox television... April 2, 2013
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Religious practices can help curb college drinking College students who have religious roots may consume less alcohol than their peers, according to a new study. But the findings of the research, conducted by a Michigan State University scholar, sugg... March 8, 2013
Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong talks addiction in... Frontman for punk-pop band Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong has lived the rockstar lifestyle for the past few decades. But admitting that he's been trying to get sober for more than a 10 years, Armstro... February 28, 2013

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How to stop emotional eating (and other compulsive behavior problems) for good By Morty LefkoeWhen I first started helping clients whose major complaint was emotional eating-eating for emotional reasons when they really weren't hungry-I assumed that the problem was caused by bel...
De-stress in 10 Minutes or Less Recovery Is I have used this technique successfully for mild to moderate stress reduction in alcoholism recovery.When stress or anxiety has you feeling tied up in knots, jittery or unable to...
Underage drinking: Parents who play host are wrong Patriot-News Editorial BoardLocal police say we are in the height of the teen alcohol party season.It goes on from late spring until teens go back to high school and college in early fall each year.It...
Two forms of alcoholism: One which warrants a chronic disease model, and college By Adi Jaffe, a doctoral student at UCLA working toward a Ph.D. in psychology. I respect Stanton Peele, if for no other reason than simply because he is well informed and doesn't mind telling us all a...
What is this thing called Addictions? by Helga M. Genannt MatzkoWhen I began working in the field of addiction 30 years ago, most clients were automatically labeled addicts, (yes, shocking but true) just as most clinicians were either rec...
We're addicted to rehab. It doesn't even work. By Bankole A. Johnson, The Washington PostLast week, Lindsay Lohan left jail and entered a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. If the scene inspired deja vu, it wasn't just because it was the fo...